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Advice for landlords on the best form of tenancy agreement

There are many different types of tenancies. Choosing the wrong tenancy could result in you being bound by terms that do not reflect your initial intentions. In this article we will cover different types of tenancies and important points to consider for private landlords willing to rent their properties to private tenants. Which tenancy should […]

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The Housing Act 1980

The Housing Act 1980 brought significant changes into law governing private rentals. The change was prompted by a dramatic drop in the private rented sector towards the end of 1970‘s. Some  data reported that since the end of the First World War until 1979 the rented properties had gone down around 65%. The new conservative […]

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Unlawful evictions and the olympics

An alarming trend has swept across London, particularly in areas which are close to where the Olympic Games will be held. It seems landlords in these areas (particularly in East London) are evicting the tenants they already have in their properties in order to bring new tenants in for the Olympic Games, which will allow […]

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Tenants abandoning residential premises

Abandonment is when an individual voluntarily gives up their legal rights such as interest in their land or property, a tenancy. According to Section 5(2) of the Housing Act 1988, tenancies may only be terminated by a court order which may be sought by the landlord to obtain possession of their property. Alternatively, a tenant […]

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Harassment by landlords

Harassment of a landlord to their tenant is a very serious offence. This could mean the landlord is liable for not only civil proceedings but also criminal proceedings in the forms of penalties. The law which governs harassment of tenants and evictions by landlords which are not lawful or fair is not very well balanced, […]

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Assured tenancy – what is it ?

Assured and shorthold tenancies are the most common types of arrangement for the renting of houses and flats by private tenants. They were originally introduced by the Housing Act 1988 and subsequently modified by the Hosing Act 1996. in the act the term ‘assured tenancy’ is used to refer both to assured tenancies and assured […]

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