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Tenants abandoning residential premises

Abandonment is when an individual voluntarily gives up their legal rights such as interest in their land or property, a tenancy. According to Section 5(2) of the Housing Act 1988, tenancies may only be terminated by a court order which may be sought by the landlord to obtain possession of their property. Alternatively, a tenant […]

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10 tips for dealing with a Housing benefit tenant

For those landlords who are on the housing benefit system, here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your tenancies. Tip #1: Check Whether Your Tenant Receives Local Housing Allowance If your tenant receives Local Housing Allowance, this sum is normally not payable directly to landlords. The only exception to this […]

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Absent freeholder, long residential lease, a big problem

Although it has to be said there are some benefits to having an absentee freeholder when you are the leaseholder of a property, such as the quiet enjoyment of the property without the interference or even unreasonable demands of the landlord or the foregoing of hefty service charges, when it comes time to sell the […]

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Need to evict a tenant ? Now Human Rights may prevent you

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court has meant that landlords may not be able to evict tenants who use anti-social behaviour and do not pay their rent. This is down to tenants using an Article 8 right to life argument. The media has also highlighted the abuse of the article 8 argument in deportation […]

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HMO – houses in multiple occupation

HMO Licence What is HMO? House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is a term of property law, which relates to rented property with shared facilities (such as kitchen, bathroom or toilet). It could be the case in: Houses split into bedsits Students in shared accommodation Shared houses of three or more tenants where each tenant has […]

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Subletting What is subletting? Subletting is an agreement whereby an existing tenant of premises lets the property or part of it to another person (the subtenant). The agreement is between the tenant and subtenant and consequently the rent is paid to the tenant as opposed to the landlord. Subletting arrangement Landlord’s consent In order to […]

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