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Getting it wrong with beak clauses on commercial leases can prove costly

Businesses and individuals who occupy commercial properties have been issued a warning to read the contractual lease agreement which may contain a break clause. This is after a firm has been fined £300,000 in a case in Bristol where the High Court ruled for the landlord to issue a fine after their tenant’s right to […]

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Need to evict a tenant ? Now Human Rights may prevent you

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court has meant that landlords may not be able to evict tenants who use anti-social behaviour and do not pay their rent. This is down to tenants using an Article 8 right to life argument. The media has also highlighted the abuse of the article 8 argument in deportation […]

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Leasehold Valuation Tribunal

Leasehold Valuation Tribunal What is the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) The LVT is an independent entity which can be used to settle disputes without having to go to court. This can save time and money as well as preserving the relationships between landlords and tenants. LVT’s decision carries legal weight and can be enforced in […]

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Dilapidations and disputes over schedule of dilapidations

What are Dilapidations? Dilapidations are the defects and areas of disrepair for which the tenant has a responsibility to put right before vacating a leased property. If a landlord feels that his tenant hasn’t kept the rental property in the required state of repair (see below) and has breached their lease/tenancy agreement then he is […]

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