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Advice for landlords on the best form of tenancy agreement

There are many different types of tenancies. Choosing the wrong tenancy could result in you being bound by terms that do not reflect your initial intentions. In this article we will cover different types of tenancies and important points to consider for private landlords willing to rent their properties to private tenants. Which tenancy should […]

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Assured shorthold tenancy tips

The majority of residential tenancies in England and Wales are assured shorthold tenancies.  They usually commence with an agreed fixed-term (6 and 12 months are the most common choices) during which both the tenant and the landlord are contractually committed. The tenant has to pay the agreed rent on time and the landlord provide the […]

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Assured tenancy – what is it ?

Assured and shorthold tenancies are the most common types of arrangement for the renting of houses and flats by private tenants. They were originally introduced by the Housing Act 1988 and subsequently modified by the Hosing Act 1996. in the act the term ‘assured tenancy’ is used to refer both to assured tenancies and assured […]

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Accelerated Possession Procedure

Accelerated Possession Procedure The accelerated possession procedure is a fast track procedure available to a landlord to repossess their property and evict the tenant under an assured shorthold tenancy. This type of claim has 3 very important aspects :- The landlord must have given the right notice before starting a claim and it must be […]

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